Scavenged decorative imagery drives and informs my work. 

Over two decades ago questions of domesticity became paramount. As a painter I searched for a mark that felt true and in keeping with my fundamental abstract aesthetic. These concurrent preoccupations led me to discover wallpaper as both the material and the gesture I sought. I became enamored by the way wallpapers mimetic elements seamlessly merged into abstraction. Wallpaper, literally a piece of cultural fabric, has become a major source of both content and formal concerns in my paintings. 

With collage, paint, and a variety of printing methods, I apply patterns as one might use a brush stroke. In an abstract construct a narrative seed is planted with these ready-made designs, ripe with suggestion and association.  It is a playful process. I am interested in repurposing the tactile quality that I encounter in wallpaper as well as it’s embellishments. Patterns are juxtaposed to join in conversation while maintaining their distinct graphic identities.  

My current work is partly inspired by a nascent meditation practice. I have used patterned head-shapes on a contrastingly patterned ground as a metaphor for the mingling of inner and outer geographies. In many ways this is what wallpaper was originally intended to do.

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